Erica Weiner

Archery Earring

"1909" is a new collection of jewelry, inspired by antiques and handmade in NYC.  

This single two-tone white and yellow gold earring was inspired by an Edwardian-era English jabot or "cliquet" pin.  On this style of brooch, two ornamented ends are separated by a hidden screw mechanism, so the pin part appears to pierce the wearer's clothes.  Here, the arrow's shaft appears to penetrate your earlobe, just like it was shot through with great force.  The antiques specialist who sold us the original piece said it may have been intended as a prize for the winner of a women's archery tournament.  (Archery was one of the few sports considered appropriate for fine ladies during the early 1900's.)  Things have changed, but the image of the arrow is timeless, symbolizing swiftness, fierceness, and the weapon of cupid.  Wear the arrow with the point or the fletching facing forward; the 14k version is studded with diamonds (21 stones, measuring just over 1/5 carat total), the 10k does not have stones.  The screw mechanism minimizes the risk of loss by ensuring a tight, secure closure.  Also suitable for wear as a brooch.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of this piece, which will be built to your specifications.