Erica Weiner

Georgian "Ruler of My Heart" Garnet and Diamond Ring $3,800.00

The Georgian period encompasses the reigns of the four King Georges from 1714 to 1830.  During this period, the aristocracy made it a point to flaunt their wealth by making sure they were absolutely dripping with jewels at all times.  Although engagement rings were a rarity - they weren't commonly given until the Victorian era - the exception to this rule was the crowned heart ring which conveyed that the recipient was the ruler of the giver's heart.  These increasingly hard-to-find rings would be given to one's betrothed as a token of love and devotion, literally and figuratively crowning her "the queen of hearts".

This crowned heart ring c.1780 is made in 10k yellow gold.  The .30ct garnet heart (really more of a teardrop shape) is table cut and set in gold.  The eight rose-cut diamonds that decorate the shoulders and crown range in size from .01 to .07ct for approximately a total of .28ctw.  These diamonds are in closed silver settings and backed in silver foil, as was the style of the period (we recommend removing the ring when showering, swimming or washing hands to prevent moisture from seeping in which might cause the foil to darken or oxidize).

Currently this ring is a US size 4.75, but it can be re-sized for an additional fee of $90. Click here to add this service to your order. If you need help determining your ring size, download our ring sizing guide.

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