Erica Weiner

ID Bracelet $55.00

We can inscribe your real name, pen name, stage name, drag name, or whatever you want, really, on this 1960's-era brass ID bracelet.  The oval ID plate measures only 7/8" wide, so keep it under 25 characters, please.  We can stamp letters of the alphabet and "." only, no numbers, symbols, or other punctuation.  The anchor-style chain terminates in an unusual vintage pop-out clasp which is easy to fasten and release with with one hand, but holds tight when closed.  Total bracelet length is 7".

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your bracelet, since we'll make it to order.  And once we stamp it, you own it—we don't allow exchanges or refunds on customized pieces like these.  Don't forget to indicate your message in the "notes" field below!