Erica Weiner

Porcelain Screwdriver Necklace $100.00

We collaborated with Amy Hamley, a Pittsburgh-based ceramicist, on these remarkable screwdriver pendants. They're cast in white English porcelain from real 1.25" drill tips: a flat head and a phillips head.  After being fired, they're dipped in 24K gold or platinum luster, then fired again.  We've strung each pendant onto a 25" gold-fill or sterling silver chain so it can be worn (by a guy or a girl) as a necklace.  You may think that porcelain would be too delicate to wear, but that's not true.  As long as you make sure not to drop your screwdriver pendant on a hard surface, and duh, don't try to actually use it to screw anything in.  They're decorative, that's it!  Specify your drill tip type and color in the drop-down menu below.   

Visit Amy's shop, Redraven Studios, to see more of her gorgeous work.