Erica Weiner

Gypsy Spark Earrings

"1909" is a new collection of jewelry, inspired by antiques and handmade in NYC.  

In the V&A Museum's jewelry collection, there's a child's ring from the 14th century with star-shaped points radiating from a central gem.  Inscribed inside are words "This Spark Will Grow", which is a lovely sentiment of hope for the beginning of a life or journey.  These earrings were inspired by that delicate piece.  There's another (possibly apocryphal) historical reference here: centuries ago, rich merchants' wives were afraid to travel through the countryside while wearing their piles of jewelry, because gypsies would come along and snatch stones right from their settings.  A smart lady asked her jeweler to set her diamond deep down in the ring, with no prongs, so it was flush with the metal and therefore thief-proof.  Voila!  The "gypsy setting" was invented.  Each 14K gold disc measures about 1/4" wide and holds a .03 carat diamond.  Posts and earring backs are also 14K gold. 

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of this piece, which will be built to your specifications.