Erica Weiner

Heartbeats Necklaces

Now don't freak out, but we are offering some very memorable, quote-able song lyrics stamped onto a 3/4" wide heart charm. Lena Dunham's favorite is the R. Kelly one, and we have to agree.  But to each her own - check them all out in the drop-down menu below.  Choose from two finishes: matte, oxidized silver plate ($55) or blingy, glossy 14K gold plate ($65). Chains are short-ish—about 16"—which makes these necklaces perfect for layering with longer chains. Chain may vary slightly.  The Drake lyrics were too long to fit on one side of the heart, so half the lyrics are stamped on the front, half on the back.  

Want us to stamp your necklace with an original message?  We do that.  Customizable Heartbeats Necklaces this way.