Erica Weiner

Gold Stanhope Ring Necklace with Nude's Prominent Rear $450.00

This antique men's ring is simple enough, cast in a mystery white metal (probably pewter), coated with a gilded wash that's lost some of its shimmer over time, and set with six gaudy rhinestones. However, a tiny viewfinder embedded in the side of the ring indicates that there's more to it than meets the eye. A glimpse into the peephole reveals a black-and-white image of a reclining young lady, wearing naught but a brocade bed jacket that leaves nothing to the imagination. Scandalous! Smutty Stanhope rings like these are much harder to find than the more family-friendly versions we've had in the past, like the Irish bog oak pendant and the Niagara Falls daredevil's barrel carved from feldspar. This ring is a size 7, and it's not re-sizable, so we hung it from a 26" filled gold chain—now anyone can wear it.

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