Erica Weiner

Ziggurat Band $600.00

"1909" is a new collection of jewelry, inspired by antiques and handmade in NYC.  Please allow us 4-6 weeks to build and deliver your piece to you. 

In case you don't know, Ziggurauts were giant stepped pyramids built by the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians.  The 4000-year old Zigguraut of Ur still stands in Southern Iraq, but the Tower of Babel, thought to be a Zigguraut, does not.  Think about how an ancient Mayan temple looks, with multiple tiered levels.  Or better yet, consider the stage set in a Busby Berkeley movie: those wedding-cake style risers with girls dancing in unison?  Come to think of it, BB's dance spectacular Gold Diggers of 1937 was produced around the same time as the antique ring that inspired this piece.  We love the two abstract flowers and three tiny diamond chips decorating the stepped-up top, while the triangular "knife-edge" band keeps things clean and modern.  A perfect ring for stacking or for use as a wedding band - it will easily nestle in close to your engagement ring.  Fashioned in 14K yellow or 14K white gold.