Erica Weiner

Art Deco White Gold Wedding Bands

We recently bought up a group of white gold wedding bands, all dating from the 1920s. We've listed them here as they're pictured, from left to right.

The first ring is a coveted "Orange Blossom" ring from the Detroit-based Traub jewelers. The flower was such a popular motif on wedding jewelry in the early 20th century that this particular manufacturers borrowed the name for collection of wedding bands—this is one of them. Cast from 18K white gold, it's delicately decorated with the eponymous floral pattern, and stamped with the corresponding maker's marks inside. (Traub technically still exists—it's now a part of Josten's, the class ring giant.) This ring is a size 8, and we don't recommend sizing in order to preserve the detail on the band.

The next 18K white gold band was made right here in NYC, by Lohengrin, a jeweler founded in 1871. There's a record of their existence up until the 60s, but the trail goes cold after that. Maybe they were bought up by a manufacturing conglomerate like their counterpart Traub? Regardless, this simple band is a lovely piece of New York City history. It's inscribed on the inside, too: "2-2-27." This one is a size 7.5, and we don't recommend sizing for it.

The final ring is made from 14K gold, and is a little tricky to date because its design is so simple and straightforward. However, because we acquired it along with these other two, our best guess is that it's also from the early decades of the 20th century. This ring is a size 7, and can be re-sized no more than three full sizes for an additional fee of $90. Click here to add this service to your order. If you need help determining your ring size, download our ring sizing guide.

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