Erica Weiner

Atomic Ring $1,650.00

"1909" is a new collection of jewelry, inspired by antiques and handmade in NYC.  We make each ring to order, which takes between 4-6 weeks.  In our stores, we usually stock rings in a size 6, which ship immediately. If you're in a hurry and can't wait 4-6 weeks, email  We may be able to re-size one of our sample rings for an additional fee and speed things up.  

This ring has 1960s space-age flair and is loosely based on a ring from that era.  The ray-gun setting (I invented that term) is irresistible.  A .20 carat diamond is mounted in 14k gold, and the open structure really lets the light in.  The band echoes the setting, with two bands that run parallel and are linked periodically providing structure and rhythm.

If you're looking for a bigger diamond, we can source one for you—email us for more information.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of this piece, which will be built to your specifications.