Erica Weiner

Elephant Hair Ring

Elephant hair jewelry was a popular safari souvenir during the period of British rule (or "Raj")19th-century India.  Brits would go out and shoot elephants, then commission jewelry that showcased the dead pachyderm's tail hair.   We've had some of these exquisite antique elephant hair rings come and go through our store, and are pleased to announce that we've partnered with a UK-based Fair Trade company in Thailand to have historically accurate reproductions made specially for us. There are a few differences between the (inhumane!) Raj-era antiques and these brand-new specimens: 

-The hair is cut from a rescued working elephant, and part of the proceeds go to the elephant sanctuary. 

-Skilled craftsmen from hill tribes are contracted to hand-make these rings in their home villages. Pay is equal for men and women, and production always fits around other duties such as harvest and childcare which further empowers the women producers. Child labor is strictly forbidden. 

-All extra silver is recycled, and electricity in the village comes from solar panels.

A single elephant's hair runs through the hollow channel of the ring and is visible through the intermittent cut-outs. Sizes are a little irregular because they're British - we've translated them into US sizing in the drop-down menu below. If you need help determining your ring size, download our ring sizing guide.