Erica Weiner

Gift Certificate

With coppery ink embossed on thick kraft card stock, our gift certificates are gorgeous objects to give and receive.  They were created for us by B. Impressed in Boston, where a letterpress artist set the antique type, letter by letter, then inked each edition on a flatbed printing press.  Gift certificates are available in amounts over $20 and are redeemable at or in our shops.  We'll mail the recipient one of these pretty paper certificates in a matching envelope via the US mail, or if you're pressed for time, we'll email them the details and voucher code. Let us know which delivery method you prefer. For e-mail gift certificates, please allow one business day for us to create your custom voucher code. If you require a special gift certificate amount (lucky number, anniversary date, etc.) please let us know. We would be happy to create one for you. 

Our gift certificates will not expire until we do.

(For online purchases, gift certificates are one-time use only—any unused balance won't carry over.)  So please make sure to use your voucher all in one go if you're redeeming it online.