Erica Weiner

Letterpress Necklace (Silver Plate)

A few years back, Erica took an intensive course at the New York Center for Book Arts, where she learned to use a 100-year old printing press. She instantly saw jewelry potential in the moveable iron type that's meant to be hand-set, letter by letter. The school generously offered to donate a treasure trove of type that had been worn down by decades of normal use. Saved from the smelter, these now-obsolete tools have been cast in aluminum, covered in silver, and hung from a 22” silver-plated chain. It’s not immediately evident that these 1”-long bar-shaped pendants are anything but decorative until you look closely: the letters measure just 1/8” to 1/4” wide.

We have every letter of the alphabet, and you can choose whether you want one, two, or three letters on your necklace. Sorry, we can't accommodate specific size, font style, upper- or lower- case preferences; let us pick type for you from our always-rotating stock. Please note that your two letters may or may not be a different size and/or typeface.

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