Erica Weiner

Movable Type Earrings (Gold Vermeil) $60.00

Let me spell it out for you: these earrings are made from the business end of a set of movable type.  In Olden Times (before high-speed digital printing) people used flatbed printing presses to create newspapers and books, and they had to arrange iron type by hand.  All those forgotten teeny metal alphabets?  We collect them.  We reproduced one of our favorite detailed fonts, Engraver's Shaded, in sterling silver, then dipped them in 14K gold.  We think of these earrings as a sophisticated little sister to our popular Letterpress Necklaces.  Please note that these earrings are sold INDIVIDUALLY.  You may want one, you may want your two initials (one for each ear) or you could line up three in one one ear.  We know you have something you want to say.

Earrings measure 1/8" tall and just under 3/16" wide.  We have every letter of the alphabet available.  Posts are sterling silver, and earring backs are gold-plated brass.