Erica Weiner

Puzzle Ring

The earliest puzzle rings were found on the Silk Road, and were thought to have been popular in China as early as the year 0 AD.  There's an unlikely-sounding myth about a medieval Turkish merchant who commissioned the very first one as a wedding ring for his gorgeous wife.  To make sure she was faithful to him while he was away, the ring would unravel if she took it off, rendering her totally busted.  We know for a fact that in 1525, Martin Luther gave his wife a puzzle ring when they were married.  The poignant inscription inside read: "Whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder".  Your gold-filled or sterling silver ring will arrive joined together, and good luck trying to solve the mystery when it's put asunder.  To help you out, we've made a visual diagram: click on the detail photo below to get the instructions. 

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