Erica Weiner

Ring Re-sizing Service $90.00

In most cases, we can re-size your antique ring.  This involves removing or adding metal to the back of the band as necessary, so know that if there's elaborate engraving on the inside of the ring, some or all of it may be erased.  We can't re-size rings if there's elaborate detailing or ornament all the way around the outside of the band - it would really ruin the effect.  Also, sometimes a ring can't be sized up or down more than 2 or 3 whole sizes - a delicate filigree mount, for instance, might be distorted from the pressure used to bend a tiny ring shank out into a much larger size.  Check the details in your ring's description for more specific info.  This service takes 1-2 weeks, and we'll contact you when your ring is finished and ready to ship.  Most importantly, if we re-size a ring for you, it will be final sale.  You can not return it or exchange it for any reason.  

Let us know what size you would like in the "notes" section below.  We can do half sizes and quarter sizes as well as whole sizes.  If you need help determining your ring size, download our ring sizing guide.