Erica Weiner

Sleeper Earrings $80.00

These earrings are meant to be worn continuously - day, night, week in, week out.  They are utterly comfortable.  We named them "sleeper earrings" because when you sleep, the posts won't stab you.  Those of you with second or multiple piercings?  Park these earlobe-hugging hoops in there.  The design is based on an antique safety pin that's been on our inspiration board for years - can you see the ancestry here?  The closure is a little tricky to do the first time, so use a mirror or a friend to help.  Open and close the earring by gently twisting the 1/2" hoop open side-to-side.  If you try to pull the circle open, you risk bending it out of shape.  It's easily bent back, but just treat it gently.  Most likely you won't have this problem.  You'll leave them in and forget about them (until you get stopped on the street with compliments, of course).