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1793French Revolution Mourning Ringfor Marat and Le Peletier

This rare and unusual mourning ring was made to commemorate the deaths of Jean Paul Marat and Louis-Michel Le Peletier, both famously assassinated by French Royalists in 1793. Marat was killed in his bath by Charlotte Corday, while Le Peletier - who cast one of the deciding votes for the execution of King Louis XVI - was slain in a restaurant in the Palais Royal by Philippe Nicolas Marie de Pâris. The ring features 10k gold profile portraits of the two revolutionaries affixed to a wide silver band with the words "MARAT/MARTIR DE/LA LIBERTAD" on one side, and the other reads, "LEPELLETIE/MARTIR DE/LA LIBERTE". This phenomenal ring is a size 7; originally the split in the back of the band would have been closed by a seam with five vertically arranged stars. If desired, the split can be soldered, however the ring's size cannot be adjusted.


  • Materials

    Silver, 10k gold

  • Age

    c. 1793

  • Condition

    Very good - originally this piece would have had a seam or joint with five stars in a vertical line closing the ring

  • Size

    7, cannot be resized; 11.7mm width