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18th Century Iberian Emerald Cluster Ring


This mid 18th century Iberian cluster ring is modeled in warm 22k yellow gold. Beautifully hand-wrought in the shape of a flower, this ring features an array of verdant emeralds that were no doubt sourced from the mines of the then Spanish colony of Colombia.


  • Materials

    22k gold (tests), 8 rectangular emeralds approximately 3mm x 2.5mm, center 3.7mm square emerald

  • Age

    c. 1760

  • Condition

    Very good - some abrasions and rubbed facet edges on the emeralds, one emerald looks like it might be a replacement of the original

  • Size

    6.5, can be resized; 1.48cm x 1.58cm head, 2.4mm shank