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1920s “HH” & Ruby Gunmetal Locket


Copper, zinc, and tin have been used in combination for at least two thousand years. Together, these three alloys make a single metal of superior strength. People began calling it "gunmetal" after it was used to build cannons in the Middle Ages. Characterized by a matte dark gray appearance, gunmetal has long been abandoned for use in weaponry in favor of the more durable steel, but it has retained a place in the manufacture of jewelry and other decorative objects. This locket is fashioned from gunmetal and set with a ruby and the gold initials "HH". The reverse side is engraved with the date "16.1.27".


  • Materials

    gunmetal with gold initials and bezel, 3.2mm x 4.4mm ruby, new 14k gold chain

  • Age

    Engraved with the date 16.1.27 [1927]

  • Condition

    Very good - locket doesn't snap shut but it does stay closed

  • Size

    1 3/8" length including the bale, 1 1/8" width, 18" chain

Art Deco


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