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1930sMasonic Ringwith Letter Locket


The Freemasons are the oldest (and most famous) fraternal organization in the world. The origin of their name comes from Biblical times, when stonemason members of the organization (in those days probably an early trade guild) reputedly built castles and temples throughout Europe and, significantly, King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. This elaborate ring features a diamond-studded compass and square, an eye of providence and a secret letter-shaped locket stamped "Made a Mason in ____ ... Lod [Lodge]." The interior is stamped with a number so we know the design was patented by a jeweler named Morris Kahn in 1938.


  • Materials

    14k yellow gold, .05ct round brilliant cut diamond

  • Age

    c. 1940

  • Condition


  • Size

    10, cannot be resized; 1.4cm head, 4.2mm hoop

Art Deco


Art DecoEra


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