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10K goldWax Seal — “Such Is Life” Ring


This hand-cast ring was modified from a much-used 19th-century Scottish wax seal. The original piece had multiple stamps with wonderfully cryptic sentiments and images, all appearing in mirror-image reverse. This was so when the seal was pressed into hot wax, the text would be embossed legibly, right-side-around. We picked our favorites and added a ring base, making sure to leave lots of rustic detail intact to reference the object’s utilitarian history. Note that your ring’s text will be backwards, just like the original artifact.


  • Age

    Contemporary. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

  • Materials

    10k gold.

  • Size

    Available in whole ring sizes 5-8.


"SUCH IS LIFE": Like a ship at sea, we're really all on a wild ride during our lives.

Image: The Endurance, the ship famously lost to the ice in 1915, during Ernest Shackleton's attempt to make the first land crossing of the Antarctic.