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Early 18th Century Silver Fede Ring


Rings featuring a pair of clasped hands are known as 'fede' rings from the Italian "mani in fede" or "hands clasped in trust." In Ancient Rome, the fede was used to signify an alliance in business, politics, friendship or marriage. By the Middle Ages it was almost exclusively used as a matrimonial symbol and is among the earliest iterations of the wedding band. It's interesting to note that around about the time this ring was made, a couple could be deemed legally married by the mere exchanging of vows completed with a handshake. This late 17th/early 18th century fede features two clasped bands with scrolled nodes at the cuffs.


  • Materials


  • Age

    c. 1700

  • Condition

    Good - surface wear commensurate with age and use

  • Size

    8, cannot be resized; 2.6mm shank, 6.7mm head