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Early Victorian Amethyst Hexagons Necklace


Amethyst, the most valuable member of the quartz family, commanded a price equal to that of rubies and emeralds until the beginning of the 19th century, at which time rich deposits of the stone were discovered in Brazil (then a Portuguese colony) making the stone less of rarity and therefore less costly. Amethyst takes its name from the Greek amethystos, which loosely translates to "not drunk" - the Ancient Greeks believed the stone could prevent inebriation, they also associated the gem with Bacchus (the god of wine) because of its vaguely wine-colored hue. This wonderful early Victorian collar features unusual (and large!) amethyst hexagons in dished gold settings.


  • Materials

    settings are 10k gold (tests), chain is 14k gold (tests), 12 1.24cm x 1.16cm amethysts

  • Age

    c. 1840

  • Condition

    Very good - chain may have been added/replaced at some point in time

  • Size

    17 1/2" total length, 1/2" amethyst links