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Framed Daguerrotypeof Mother and Child


The daguerreotype process was introduced in 1839 and named for Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. Exposed in a camera and developed using mercury vapors on a polished silver surface, a daguerreotype image is one of a kind, capturing the smallest of details with fine resolution (far better than a modern inkjet print!). Once complete, the photographer often gilded the plate to warm the tone and strengthen the silver particles, and then enclosed it in a book-like case that allowed the owner to carry and closely admire a photo of a loved one. On this one, an image of a woman with (presumably) her son, both have pink-tinted cheeks and sit sternly looking at the camera. A loop at the top allows you to mount it onto your wall.

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  • Materials

    Glass, daguerrotype, velvet, paper and brass frame

  • Age

    c. 1850

  • Condition

    very good

  • Size

    4" tall (including loop at top), 3.25" wide





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