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GeorgianEnameled OuroborosMourning Ring


Snakes in general, and ouroboros in particular, are representations of eternal love and were popularly used in mourning jewelry. The style of this ring is distinctly late Georgian or very early Victorian, but interestingly, the dedication is for the year 1877. Why? It could have been a jeweler's model that was never used in the time that it was made, or it could have been upcycled with the original engraving rubbed out and replaced with the present dedication, "A.H. Obt 11 Sep 1877 Ae 65", as well as the hair.


  • Materials

    10k gold (tests), black and red enamel, glass, hair

  • Age

    Ring made c. 1820-30, later engraving (and probably hairwork) 1877

  • Condition

    Very good - some wear to the enamel scales, slight discoloration around the locket frame

  • Size

    8, can be resized for an additional fee of $90; 12.2mm head, 3.5mm hoop





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