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Georgian Garnet & Diamond Twin Hearts Ring


This lovely garnet and diamond twin heart betrothal ring dates to the end of the 18th century. Engagement rings were not commonly given in this period, however, when they were, they typically featured one, or sometimes two, heart(s) to represent the union. This ring is rich with meaning, some of it symbolic, and some of it quite literal. The twin hearts represent the couple - bound by love - and the diamond crown arcing over the pair symbolizes the reign of fidelity over the marriage. The ring has had its shank replaced at some point, the new shank features faded hallmarks that date it to 1897.


  • Materials

    10k (tests), silver, 2 4.8mm x 4mm pear-shaped flat cut garnets, 5 rose cut diamonds all approximately 1.9mm

  • Age

    c. 1780 head, shank is a replacement of the original and has faded hallmarks for the year 1897

  • Condition

    Good - the shank has been replaced (presumably around 1897 which is the date hallmark on the shank), there is a noticeable score mark on the underside of one of the garnet settings

  • Size

    size 5.75, can be resized; 1cm head, 1.9mm hoop