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GeorgianPansyHair Locket Brooch

This wonderful Georgian pansy brooch is fashioned in 14k gold with five lockets each containing a lock of hair. "Pansy" comes from the French pense meaning "to think." Lovers of a hidden meaning, the five-petaled flower was frequently used in 18th and 19th century love token jewelry to express the sentiment "think of me." The border of each petal of this pansy is chased with an immaculately rendered foliate design with textured filaments and ovule at the center. The reverse side of each teardrop-shaped locket is engraved with a name or initials (FFF, James, B, D, Eliza), presumably the owners of the glass-encased locks at front. So special, so unusual, and in beautiful antique condition.


  • Materials

    14k gold (tests), hair, glass

  • Age

    c. 1820

  • Condition


  • Size


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