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Grand TourMaltese Cross Earringswith Lava Cameo Cherubs


The Grand Tour was an essential undertaking for any English man of means beginning in the 1700s, but it wasn't until the early 1800s with the invention of steam-powered transportation that it became a pursuit open to anyone, including women. Cameos carved from lava from Mt. Vesuvius were favorite souvenirs of ladies who traveled to Italy on their tours. These outstanding Maltese cross earrings set with multicolored lava cherub cameos were a souvenir from somebody's Grand Tour and date to about 1860. 


  • Materials

    14k gold fittings, 10k gold chain and wires, lava cameos.

  • Age

    c. 1840

  • Condition

    Very good - the setting around one of the tan colored cameos has been repaired.

  • Size

    2 1/8" measured from the top of the ear wire, 1" cross diameter.





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