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Late 19th Century Elephant Hair Upper Arm Bangle


A thick strand of an elephant's tail hair has long been regarded as a protective talisman. It's been used in jewelry for at least 1200 years in Africa, where the material was believed to ward off misfortune or harm. In slightly more recent history, during the British Raj (1858-1947), Western Europeans commissioned elephant hair jewelry as a souvenir of their Indian safari expedition. Colonialist adventurers plucked or cut tail hairs from their elephant mounts and combined them with precious gems and metals. This c. 1900 bracelet is most likely of colonial Indian origin. This bangle composed of a single strand of elephant hair punctuated with four ridged gold cylinders is meant to be worn on the upper arm.


  • Materials

    10k gold (tests), elephant hair

  • Age

    c. 1890

  • Condition

    Very good

  • Size

    10" inner circumference, 3mm shank