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Peep ShowRing


In 1859, the first micro-photographic lens was patented. The miniature lens was hidden inside all kinds of regular objects: pens, pipes, needle cases, thimbles... but the way to keep a precious secret close at hand (literally) was to stash it in in a ring. Hold it up to the light and peer through the curved glass: hello naked lady! We've spent years developing this piece, collaborating with one of America's last makers of micro-lens technology. Choose a pic from our vintage porn archive or supply your own.

This product is final sale.


  • Materials

    Hybrid glass lens, 14k gold.

  • Age

    New; handmade in NYC.

  • Lead Time

    Please allow 6-8 weeks. See terms of sale below.

  • Size

    Top of the oval signet measures 1/4" by 5/8". 3/8" off of the finger. Teeny lens is 3mm wide and magnifies your photo image x 160.

  • Special Care

    Handle with care; do not submerge in water or wear in shower or while swimming. 


Since the dawn of time, humans have been obsessed with sex.

Image: Erotic scene on the rim of an Attic red-figure kylix, c. 510 BC.

please note:Photography Requirements

You may choose a historic nude photo from our stock images (see thumbnails) or you can submit your own photograph, graphic, text, or artwork (color or B/W). Digital images should be in jpg. If the longest side of the image measures less than 2" the resolution should be in the range of 300-600dpi. Images that are larger than 2" are adequate at 150-300dpi. An image that is more than 8" in length is suitable at 72dpi. Selecting a high quality image that is clear and sharp is recommended. We will reach out to you with submission instructions after you place your ring order.

please note:Terms of Sale

Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to build this piece just for you. It is considered a special custom order and therefore is final sale. It is non-returnable and not eligible for exchange.