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This is just a test, check out this piece!

RedVauxhall GlassNecklace


Vauxhall glass - named for the company that produced it, the Vauxhall Glassworks - is a type of mirrored glass produced from the late 18th century well into the Victorian period. Unlike paste, which was used almost interchangeably with gemstones and set into precious metals, Vauxhall glass was typically paired with minimal base metal mountings. This fantastic later Vauxhall glass necklace features rose cut ovals and vibrant floral pendants.


  • Materials

    Vauxhall glass, brass.

  • Age

    c. 1870

  • Condition

    Very good - one link toward the back of the necklace looks like it might be either a replacement or an addition to the necklace.

  • Size

    17.25" length, center pendant 1.5" diameter, 2 side pendants 1 3/16" diameter.