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A signet - from the Latin "signum" translating to "sign" - is a style of ring with a long history. Dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, signet rings of yore featured a family crest or distinctive emblem that was used as a seal on important documents and correspondence. The tradition of these rings continued into the more modern day in Great Britain and were used for their intended purpose (as an authoritative signature) well into the 19th century. Even as the days of sealing wax were left behind, the signet ring continued to be worn as signifier of identity, and later as a prestige piece and a gentleman's ring. These signet rings are old samples from a style we used to offer: the silver one features the image of a snake coiled into an infinity symbol that we sourced from Fairbairn's Book of Crests; the gold one features a simple "E" in script.

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  • Materials

    "E" ring is 14k yellow gold; "snake" ring is sterling silver.

  • Age

    Contemporary; made in New York.

  • Size

    "E" ring is a size 6; snake ring is a size 7.5. Either ring can be easily resized up or down by a local jeweler should you want or need it adjusted.