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Victorian Coin Padlock with Key


So many secrets here. What was the significance of the year 1875, when these coins were minted? Was the padlock created to really keep something secure? A diary, a watch, a box of treasure? What we do know about this working padlock is that it was handmade in the later Victorian era and the clever hobbyist responsible for making this charming piece attached the key with a length of chain.


  • Materials

    3 pence poins, metal chain and key

  • Age

    Coin dated 1875

  • Condition

    Very good

  • Size

    3/4" length, 3" chain, 3/4" key





please note:Terms of Sale

Antiques can be returned unworn and in original condition within 10 days of delivery for an exchange or refund minus the cost of shipping. Once a piece has been altered, including ring re-sizing, it is FINAL SALE.