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Victorian Cut Steel FlowerHair Comb


This VICTORIAN hair comb is fashioned in cut steel and horn. Cut steel was used as early as the Elizabethan period, but truly hit its stride in the early Georgian period and remained popular into the the 19th century. Cutting steel was an involved process that required faceting and riveting each steel stub to a larger base plate. The steel "stones" provided a glittering and affordable alternative to diamonds during a time when paste jewelry could command the same price as gemstones, and rhinestones did not yet exist. This gorgeous hair ornament features a cut steel flower atop a forked comb.


  • Materials

    cut steel, celluloid

  • Age

    c. 1850

  • Condition

    Very good

  • Size

    7/8" diameter cut steel flower/mandala, celluloid comb 2 3/4"