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Victorian Enameled Vinaigrette Necklace


This Victorian vinaigrette is enameled in white with a floral pattern along its edges (the enamel has certainly seen better days). The case opens to reveal a gold interior with an ornamental hinged grille. When this piece was made, vinaigrettes were frequently carried by the upper classes and typically held smelling salts or a piece of perfumed cloth. These discreet little lockets were employed as an olfactory defense against the stench of 19th century cities, or as a means of reviving fainting ladies (or gentlemen). This piece may have originally been carried in a pocket or hung on a chatelaine, but we have added a 14k gold chain to make it into a wearable necklace.


  • Materials

    14k gold (tests), enamel, new 14k gold chain

  • Age

    c. 1870

  • Condition

    Fair - while the interior is pristine, the exterior has seen better days. The enamel at the front looks like it may have been redone, enamel along the sides is worn in places, dents to the back.

  • Size

    1" length including the bale, 3/4" x 1/2" vinaigrette, 18" chain





please note:Terms of Sale

Antiques can be returned unworn and in original condition within 10 days of delivery for an exchange or refund minus the cost of shipping. Once a piece has been altered, including ring re-sizing, it is FINAL SALE.

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