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VictorianRose Gold and TurquoiseGreek Key Bracelet


This Victorian bracelet is modeled in gold with an oversize pearl-studded decorative clasp and a Greek key-patterned body set with turquoise. The Greek key design aka meander takes its moniker from the Meander river in what was Ancient Greece and is now modern day Turkey. The river's serpentine path was considered a symbol of the infinity and the eternal flow of life, the tidy geometric pattern named for the river is an important motif in Ancient Greek art and architecture. This motif is used to outstanding effect on this mid Victorian bracelet.


  • Materials

    10k rose gold (tests), turquoise cabochons, pearl

  • Age

    c. 1850

  • Condition

    Excellent - some discoloration and minor abrasion to the turquoises commensurate with age and use

  • Size

    6.5" inner diameter, 3/4" shank panels, decorative clasp 1/25" x 1", 2/25" safety chain