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These lovely golden-hued topaz earrings date to the later Victorian period. Topaz is believed to derive its name from either the ancient Sanskrit word topas meaning "fire", or for the old Greek island of Topazios. The gemstone occurs in many places throughout the world, as well as in varied colors including yellow, pink, and colorless to name a few. Topaz mines were discovered in Brazil in the 17th century, and seeing as it was a Portuguese colony at the time, the fruits of these mines were shipped on to Portugal and traded throughout Europe for use in jewelry. These stones sit in minimal settings and hang from the teeniest tiniest gold ear wires.


  • Materials

    18k gold settings, 10k gold ear wires, topaz.

  • Age

    c. 1880

  • Condition

    Very good.

  • Size

    3/4" length measured from the top of the ear wire, 7/16" diameter pendant topazes.